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Parent Teacher Council

Welcome to the Gen. Ryszard Kuklinski International School of Bydgoszcz (ISoB) Parents’ Council (PC). The PC works in cooperation with the ISoB administration in order to facilitate the exchange of information and transfer the ideas of interests between the school and parents community.

The PC encourages all ISoB parents to join the Parents’ Council Meetings to discuss and summarize school related issues and concerns what the parents may have.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the PC representatives.

Statutory tasks of the Parents’ Council

  1. Any parent of a child currently enrolled in the school is a member of the PC.
  2. The principles of election and functioning of the PC shall be set forth by the regulations accepted by the parents.
  3. The ISoB PC is the only representative of the total number of parents in the ISoB.
  4. The ISoB PC may participate in the meetings on the matters related to the school functioning when invited by the Programme Council or the Principal.
  5. The ISoB PC may request for a meeting with the Principal or the Programme Council.
  6. The ISoB PC may submit proposals concerning the organization of the school’s work-education and care.
  7. The ISoB PC may present conclusions and opinions on all school matters to the Teaching Staff Meeting and the Principal, in particular
    1. Assistance in some precisely determined lesson instances,
    2. Support to students needing help,
    3. Co-creating and co-management of the school premises and materials,
    4. Preparation of school ceremonies,
    5. Paying attention to the school’s image on the local and international forum


Contribution is 100 PLN annual per child for the school year. The deadline is 30.09 every school year.

Method of payment
Payments by bank transfer only.
These are to be made to:

Millenium Bank
PLN 14 1160 2202 0000 0003 1299 4235
Parents Council/Rada Rodzićow ISoB
Bośniacka 3 Street
85-162 Bydgoszcz
(Please indicate the name of your child/children and grade)


School Parents’ Council 2022-2023

President Michelle Frisco
V-ce Szymon Wiltorowicz
Treasurer Elżbieta Kantowicz
Secretary Małgorzata Gołata


Class Parents’ Council 2022-2023

Grade 0 President – Justyna Danilewicz
Vice – Renata Vinci
Treasurer – Katarzyna Skorupa
Grade 1a President – Melissa Gousseau
Vice – Katrin May
Treasurer – Aytan Mammadova
Grade 1b President – Aleksandra Szarmach
Vice – Jenny Henderson
Treasurer – —
Grade 2a President – Szymon Wiktorowicz
Vice – Zoltan Sashalmi
Treasurer – Aleksandra Dulęba
Grade 2b President – Aleksandra Szarmach
Vice – Anelia Mihaylova
Treasurer – Szymon Nasalski
Grade 3a President – Magdalena Wiśniewska
Vice – Justyna Gorce-Bałut
Treasurer – Daria Szmalc
Grade 3b President – Dariusz Białek
Vice – Łukasz Olszewski
Treasurer – Sandra Kozion
Grade 4a President – Patrycja Sujkowska
Vice – Izabela Czołgosz
Treasurer – Katarzyna Chuchla – Szczupacka
Grade 4b President – Michelle Frisco
Vice – Eliza Pawłowska
Treasurer – Aleksandra Pakulska
Grade 5a President – Joaquin Gimeno Ortega
Vice – Mirosław Skrzyniarz
Treasurer – Agnieszka Ejmont
Grade 5b President – Ana Jolly
Vice – Marta Stachowiak
Treasurer – Natalia Kudria
Grade 6a President – Peter Grenda
Vice – Justyna Danilewicz
Treasurer – Hanna Tholonias
Grade 6b President – Małgorzata Gołata
Vice – Anna Ignaszewska
Treasurer – Magdalena Kozera
Grade 7a President – Barbara Wagner
Vice – Elizabeth Reichert
Treasurer – Maja Koszek
Grade 7b President – Michelle Frisco
Vice – Katarzyna Chuchla-Szczupacka
Treasurer – Maria Jesus Martinez
Grade 8a President – Michelle Frisco
Vice – Karolina Wendyńska
Treasurer – —–
Grade 8b President – Elżbieta Kantowicz
Vice – Marta Kodzik
Treasurer – Magdalena Stearn
Grade 9a President – Georgios Kyriakidis
Vice – Marcin Heymann
Treasurer – Dariusz Wojewódzki
Grade 9b President – Joanna Dobrowolska
Vice – Bernadeta Ciborowska
Treasurer – —–
Grade 10 President – Panagiotis Balaskas
Vice – —-
Treasurer – —–
Grade 11 President – —–
Vice – —–
Treasurer – —–
Grade 12 Class President – Elaine Petrovics
Vice-president – Ilona Sławeta
Treasurer – Magdalena Dunajewska

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