The Gen. Ryszard Kuklinski International School of Bydgoszcz Kindergarten Program provides learning experiences which will develop skills necessary for success in school. This full day program offers opportunities to meet the developmental needs of the child: social, emotional, intellectual and physical.

We expect 5 and 6 year old independent children who speak English in a communicative way.

Our children gain knowledge and explore the world through their senses actions, experience, experiments and manipulatives. This is the best way for their age group. The teachers use different methods and techniques like Relaxation, Sherborne Developmental Movement, Bati Strauss’ method, Alfred and Maria Kniess’ method. The children take also part in extracurricular activities like: Art Club, Drama Club, Music Club, Religious Education, extra English classes and Sports. What is more, the children learn in multicultural environment.

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