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Personal project

The Personal Project is an individual, creative project that G10 students are required to complete in their final year of the MYP. The students have about six months to complete the project, beginning in September and finishing the final product in March. The Personal Project is not just about the finished product, but about the process of creating it, learning from mistakes along the way, and finally, presenting the results of one’s work for others to appreciate during the Personal Project Fair.

Through their project students should be able to demonstrate the Approaches to Learning skills acquired during the MYP and how they have grown as IB Learners.

Personal projects should not only be ‘’personal’’ (related to a student’s interests, passions or a favourite subject taught at school) but, most importantly, they should be meaningful locally or globally and have impact on someone beyond the project’s author.

The personal project can take many forms, from writing a novel to building a guitar or a water purification system. It could involve designing a vegan cookbook, creating a video tutorial or organizing a fundraising event. It is all up to a student’s ingenuity, creativity and engagement.

PP is the only obligatory component of the MYP curriculum that is internally assessed (by the teachers at school) and externally moderated (by the IBO examiners).

It is mandatory to achieve the grade of at least IB 3 to successfully graduate from the MYP to the DP.


Personal Project samples of 2021/2022

Personal Project samples of 2022/2023



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