Internation School of Bydgoszcz News


Wednesday May 23, 2018 We did it!!! PYP and MYP authorised for the Friday May 18, 2018 During Polish lesson G8 went to the Friday May 18, 2018 Learning about trade day 2 Thursday May 17, 2018 Italian interior designers in action! Thursday May 17, 2018 G4 collecting money to help the others! Wednesday May 16, 2018 New climbing frame! Lots of fun! Wednesday May 16, 2018 International Day We have just got new photos Tuesday May 15, 2018 International Day Today (15.05.2018) our Tuesday May 15, 2018 Another way of reading "Reduta Ordona" During Sunday May 13, 2018 G1-G5 students went to Smerzyn and had a lot of Thursday May 10, 2018 Metals in G7 After gaining knowledge about Thursday May 10, 2018 Bonding G7 and G12 G7 students know the Thursday May 10, 2018 G8 Balnacing chemical equations. Chemists Thursday May 10, 2018 G6 students are able to describe physical Friday May 4, 2018 The 15 Most Beautiful Trees in the World: Wednesday May 2, 2018 Wednesday May 2, 2018 Friday Apr 27, 2018 Farewell G12. We are proud of you!!! Good luck Friday Apr 27, 2018 Pottery Club 27/04/18 Friday Apr 27, 2018 Davit from G3a from Georgia Friday Apr 27, 2018 Sorting out and going further in G3b. Students Friday Apr 27, 2018 2D and 3D shapes in G3b. Curious, creative and Friday Apr 27, 2018 Provocation and tuning in into the unit. Our Friday Apr 27, 2018 Spanish Day in G0 Last week, as part of our Friday Apr 27, 2018 Art Club 25/04/18

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