The cs50x Puzzle Day 2023

The CS50x Puzzle 🧩 Day is an online adaptation of the event organized at Harvard University 🎓 by Prof. David J. Malan and his remarkable team. The goal is to create a group of 2-4 and solve brain-teasing puzzles.

The event itself was introduced among the ISOB students last year. The reason behind it is pretty apparent. The puzzles allow us to train the most sophisticated Approaches to Learning, namely transfer skills.

This school year, the ISOB community would love to congratulate G10 students Ida Zdanowicz and Jose Diaz for solving all the puzzles and winning 🏆 the Harvard University certificate. They are among the other two teams in Poland to do this successfully💪💪💪

(a summary of the 2023 event)

Simply, hats off! Great triumph!

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