Aleksandra Mreła PhD


Doctorate in mathematics (specialty: real analysis); Workshops organized by International Baccalaureate Organization: Mathematics SL, Category 1, on-line, November 2013, DP Maths SL and Hl: A focus on Internal Assessment, Category 3 in Birmingham, England in March 2016, Foreign English Courses:  English Language Classes, University of Highlands and Islands, Perth, Scotland, , March 2013, Summer School Course at the Language School,

University of Highlands and Islands, Perth, Scotland, July-August 2014, Delfin London English School, General English Course, London, England, July-August 2014; Professional Development: Educational conference: CLIL+ a cooperative teaching, Zespól Szkół nr 4 in Bydgoszcz, June 2017, Professional Development Workshop “Scapegoating and othering in the classroom”, October 2017, Academic Validation in the Context of the European Qualification Framework in Warsaw, 2011.

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